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Facebook – Server – Holiday

31. Juli 2014 - 14:25 Uhr

Dear Friends of WeAre NotSisi,

after thinking and re-thinking, we do have a Facebook-Account now and WeAre NotSisi is happy to become friends with all the blue-blooded people out there – check it out.


Apart from that we are happy to collect material from which you think it could be a contribution to the website, please contact us via office{at} to exchange files. We will have a lottery and all the contributors get the chance to win something original. We do not want to use youtube, etc. to present the audio, video, pics, texts. But we will do it directly from the website, storing the files on our dear server which lies safe and cool approx. 666 metres beneath Viennas’ Saint Stephan’s Cathedral. Thanks to netm for providing this exclusive service.


But before all that – - – a break. WeAre NotSisi is back August 10 and can’t wait to have loads of “Freundschaftsanfragen” or an exploding inbox after the return from the analogue world. So long…

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Inofficial Concept Online

13. Juli 2014 - 08:07 Uhr

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FUCK! And Not F**k! Nor F***! Nor ****! Nor **ck! Nor F*ck! Nor Fuc*! Nor *uck! Nor *uc*! Nor F*c*! Nor *u*k! Nor ***k! Nor Fu*k! Nor Fu**! Nor **u*! Nor **c*!

12. Juli 2014 - 09:39 Uhr

The weekly magazine „De Groene Amsterdammer“ published a double-issue with the title „Me, my selfie and I“ on July 3, dealing with the so-called ego-era where we are supposed to live in now.

In this issue Rob Wijnberg, editor-in-chief of de Correspondenta Dutch-language, online journalism platform that focuses on background, analysis, investigative reporting, and the kinds of stories that tend to escape the radar of mainstream media because they do not conform to what is normally understood to be ‘news’, wrote in his coloumn about what he would have written if he was not obeying the rules of the ego-era by delivering just what the target group wants. An era, where „your needs are the question and its satisfaction is the answer.“
He uses an intriguing picture, stating that politics, journalism and education, promise to be windows to the world while actually working just like mirrors. „While we think we are looking at the world we see ourselves.“ With the result of creating a human beeing that is more satisfied than ever before as an individual while feeling greatest unease about the society he is in.
Even though I did and do ask for subsidies for WeAreNotSisi, I do not feel the slightest need to mirror a sentiment from the ones that provided some cash for this project. Here the Austrian way of providing subsidies is still much less strict and bound to rules than it is in the Netherlands (as far as I could experience until now.) I have the feeling that we can do whatever we want and even though we would do it anyway (obviously) and live with the consequences, it is a better feeling than otherwise. And the „target group“? I guess the Vondelpark is home of a very diverse group of people and we have far too little contacts here in the city to feel any need to meet an expectation. So it is fertile ground for freedom to do what we want, fertile ground for becoming a window instead of a mirror.

I guess this is relevant if we really live in an „ego-era“, because I can imagine that in this case many people want to see art as a mirror or as a kind of supportive crutch for some tingling self-reflection – but for me that is not what WeAreNotSisi should be about.


Wijnberg, Rob: „Nog nooit zo tevreden“.
De Groene Amsterdammer, Nr.27-28, Jaargang 138, 3 Juli 2014
Translations by M.S.

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WEBSITE ONLINE – Let the party begin

9. Juli 2014 - 14:35 Uhr

We did not only find a place to stay and people who will work with us

(Thank you very much people of Schijnheilig, Nulpunt and DeVondelbunker),

but also a “unique tool for web publication & samizdat”

(Thank you very much people of

So the groundwork is done and we can finally start with the real stuff.

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