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The Grand Opening

4. Dezember 2014 - 23:59 Uhr

Previously on WeAreNotSisi: Gallery life in the Vondelbunker not also meant interacting with the guests dropping by to see the show but to keep working on the exhibition. To remind you, the concept was to Kick Off on Day 1 and than develop the exhibition until the Opening Night on the last day. This meant constant hanging, re-hanging, painting, building to complete the show for the last day.  Gottfried Haider dropped by to finish off his „UCLA Memories“, Terry Vreeburg used the strange acoustics of the bunker to make sound experiments and I was joined by Nirva who brought a piece he was working on to finish it off live in the Bunker. Many thanks to Gernot Höll for his patience while re-hanging the difficult pieces. Apart from that there were a couple of young men who used their free time after school to hang out in the Vondelpark. They visited the show and because they settled down after that, I took Garaceks mould and we made a PU-Schaum Chicken together. No need to say that what we produced in the end was not like the original pieces produced by Garacek himself but only happened to be a green chicken without a head. We could not have been more pleased.

Needless to say that we managed to prepare everything on time for the opening and closing on October 4, with ödögidöggö rounding it all up with a late-night-performance. It was raining outside and apart from the ones that came to visit the exhibition there were those who just looked for shelter in the shelter and ended up in an art exhibition that had no intention to do so. What a success!

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