Day Off – Eating. Not Sculpting

Previously on WeAreNotSisi: As usual, we did cook too much for the “Club Dauerwurst”, as we called the evening in the Bunker on Wednesday, September 24 and as usual this was exactly what we wanted…

The next day was the second day the exhibition in the bunker was closed. This did not mean, naturally, that we did not go there. After a relaxed first half of the day in the city, Götz and me went to the Vondelbunker to get the food that was not eaten the day before. Luckily Maks gave us a golden hint on where to deliver it, so in an again adventurous way we fixed the bowls and casks on our bikes and off we went to the Spinhuis, a space within the premises of the University of Amsterdam that has been occupied by students since September 09 – as can be read in this article in HetParool. As it turned out, we just arrived while a meeting was going on, so it was a good moment to bring an unexpected load of delicious food. We had a last drink in the former meeting place for students of anthropology, sociology and the rest which turned into a kraakpand and headed off for more quality time outside the bunker.

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