A Sound Night Vol.1

Previously on WeAreNotSisi: On the evening of September 26, we were honoured to host the closing event of the Parallel Forum of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples which was taking place on September 25 and September 26 in Amsterdam.

Quote from the organizers: In conjunction with the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples being held at the United Nations in New York City on 22-23 September, we are proud to present a parallel forum in Amsterdam. Over a two-day period, we will host conferences, foster debates, give workshops and screen segments of the official New York conference, seeking to reflect the discussions taking place right now about the rights of Indigenous Peoples worldwide. We aim to bring those issues into the public debate and, moreover, to raise awareness of the parties involved in decision-making processes. Our full program is listed here.

A SOUND NIGHT. Actually the title and the program of the evening says it all.  Many thanks to the STEIM|Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music for connecting us with Dan Gibson and thanks to Wally B. Fonseca for being all sound!

1. das Punkt, ComanDante, Wanorde, MR Awkward do it loud and speedy.

2. Dan Gibson will explore the dualism between precision and ambiguity and the intermingling of intentions and presence between the cello, computer and performer.
3. fri_bar (Friedrich Neubarth and Barbara Haider) take music from the 13th to 17th century as basis for improvisation, while Bernhard Loibner transforms, complements and augments with live electronics.

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