Sculpting. Not Eating. Götz Bury at “Club Dauerwurst”. Sunset Performance #3

Previously on WeAreNotSisi: We opened the gallery as usual on time at 13:00 and while the first guests where coming in we were getting rid of the Molton to open up the room again for a normal exhibition day. Lia of Autonomia Promotions was somewhere in Amsterdam Noord to prepare wonderful spinach+tofu pasties with tabbouleh salad and pack the ingredients for the coconut, curry and lentil soup to send over to the bunker in the afternoon. So while the soup was sizzling in the pot, we took Götz’ two rubbish bins out of the storage room, unpacked the trophies he sent over from Austria to present them, and he started preparing for his show.

This is what I wrote about Götz Bury to convince people to come: “The one and only chance to see Götz Bury in de Vondelbunker with one of his fantastic culinary performances. At the beginning it appears to be harmless; you think you are safe and feel relaxed. Then, Götz uses this state of being to hit you in the most humorous and non-violent way you can ever imagine. It’s unforgettable…”

And this is what he said about his performances himself in the interview next day: I make performances where I pretend to be a double of Paul Bocuse and where I pretend to be cooking. But of course I am not cooking. And I tell everyone, you can’t talk with me about recipes, this doesn’t make any sense, I don’t care about that. Because it is sculpting, the performance is sculpting as well, extended sculpting, experimental sculpting. There might be as a highlight a juicy sawdust-bread, but basically there is no cooking or eating, it is about the facilities and how they develop in an adventurous manner.

And unforgettable and adventurous it was!

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