Facebook – Server – Holiday

Dear Friends of WeAre NotSisi,

after thinking and re-thinking, we do have a Facebook-Account now and WeAre NotSisi is happy to become friends with all the blue-blooded people out there – check it out.


Apart from that we are happy to collect material from which you think it could be a contribution to the website, please contact us via office{at}wearenotsisi.com to exchange files. We will have a lottery and all the contributors get the chance to win something original. We do not want to use youtube, etc. to present the audio, video, pics, texts. But we will do it directly from the website, storing the files on our dear server which lies safe and cool approx. 666 metres beneath Viennas’ Saint Stephan’s Cathedral. Thanks to netm for providing this exclusive service.


But before all that – - – a break. WeAre NotSisi is back August 10 and can’t wait to have loads of “Freundschaftsanfragen” or an exploding inbox after the return from the analogue world. So long…

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