IDFA #1 – Return to Homs


Basset und Ossama sind die Hauptdarsteller in diesem Film über Homs und den Widerstand dort. Sehr viele unvergessliche Szenen, wie etwa der Weg durch mit geschlagenen Löchern verbundenen zerbombten Wohnungen oder jener Szene wo Ossama aus dem Krankenstand zurückkommt (er wurde angeschossen) und aus dem singenden Widerstandsnest plötzlich ein Gewusel aus waffenputzenden jungen Männer geworden ist, die bereit sind “an die Front” zu gehen. Oder jener Szene wo man ganz mit Basset an eben jener Front ist und dann das Handy läutet, weil die Schwester anruft um zu fragen wies läuft.

IDFA: Filmed between August 2011 and August 2013, this is a remarkably intimate portrait of a group of young revolutionaries in the city of Homs in western Syria. They dream of their country being free from President Bashar al-Assad and fight for justice through peaceful demonstrations. As the army acts ever more brutally and their city is transformed into a ghost town, the young men become armed insurgents. The protagonists are two friends: Basset, the charismatic 19-year-old goalkeeper of the national soccer team whose revolutionary songs make him the voice of the protest movement, and the 24-year-old media activist and cameraman Ossama. The close-up camerawork takes the viewer right into the group. Scenes of lively protest parties make way for panicking civilians on the run, followed by grim battles in a deserted city, and rising numbers of fallen loved ones. Basset’s a cappella protest songs are the only soundtrack, apart from the “silence, interrupted only by birds and bullets.” From time to time, the director makes a comment in voice-over: “The world is watching how we are getting killed one by one, while it remains silent as the grave.”

pro action film

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