WeAreNotSisi = International Effort

The project evolves – and finally the new main text on the website presents it as what it turned out to be. A joint-venture of two collectives active in two different European cities – Hausbank and Schijnheilig. It is great to see how a simple and quite kleingeistig question like “What do I and others think about Austria” can lead to a vibrant international effort if all people involved dare to make this step. Indeed, not many meals cook well in their own gravy (Haha, I doubt that’s proper English – the artistic director of the Kremser Donaufestival said in an Interview that inspired this text: “Das Kochen im eigenen Saft tut nur ganz wenigen Gerichten gut”)  and it is great that we are able to cook many Süppchen at the same time and see how they match. Mo(o)izeit!


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